Telling it like it is ...
Telling it like it is ...

A beautiful tool box for a more exciting journey with more breathtaking scenery towards a more loving and rewarding life.

Thank you Claire, The Artist's Way was a lot of fun and inspiring beyond imagination

The course has given me tools to discover my authentic self. The Morning Pages will now be something I will incorporate into my everyday.

I have found a new routine in everyday life that helps me to nurture myself and focus on the things in life that are important to me.

There is something about the process, focusing on the process - not the end result, has meant a lot to me.

This course has given me - hope, renewal, the ability to unlock, comfort and care.
I found The Artist's Way circle so supportive for my creative recovery. The process is gentle but the results are incredible. I have journeyed so far in my life & creativity since doing the programme with Claire."

"Claire is a sensitive facilitator and the feeling of being part of The Artist's Way community has really helped me in so many ways. I give thanks for her care."

"Even though the work was, at times, challenging, we just had so much fun too. Now I am making art and my life long dream to be a surfer is becoming true!"

"Joining The Artist's Way has made me see life as a place of possibility and adventure, nurture and creativity. Blessings."

"I was nervous to begin with but Claire has a very calm, encouraging and supportive manner facilitating, this helped me enormously. I gained much confidence and self-belief so much so that June 2012 saw me complete my first year of art college."

"I found Claire to be warm and human in a sort of shy egoless way - if that makes sense. The real life examples and stories of how doing the pages helped her in her own situations brought the message home in ways reading the book alone would not have done. "

"The feedback and consistent support throughout, helped me keep connected and grounded. Claire is an honest and trustworthy person."

"My experience of Claire Mc Aree's facilitation of The Artist's Way was a very enjoyable one.  She gave of herself, while at the same time, had a great care for the group in her gentle smiling way, she was assertive and her knowledge of the course was obvious from the beginning.