Claire has been practising The Artist's Way for over 15 years
Claire has been practising The Artist's Way for over 15 years

Course Facilitator

A little bit about Claire McAree

Sonia Alfonso - the photographer who took the image above recently asked me a few questions for her new site - I thought I'd share my answers here to give a little more insight into the kind of person that I am :)

An inspirational website ? I love the site It is an amazingly generous concept. I used it a lot on first moving to Norway when I didn't know where to go for a good yoga class - it is a great tool too when you are traveling.

My favorite website ? I love the Irish design site  Makersand Brothers - especially the short films that they post about the makers and their craft - the ethos of the site is all about  things that are well made and last a life time - made by hands that love what they are doing - this is important to me. I try to remember that as consumers wehave  a lot of power.

My favorite app? - I'm happiest away from my phone - so I have to say a morning jog in the Vigelands park, Oslo

My favorite places in Oslo ? Having just moved to the centre of Oslo last May - I'm still getting to know the city. We are currently living in Fagerborg and I enjoy cycling over the cobbled streets admiring the old Norwegian wooden villas - also the smell of the lilac when in bloom is divine! A cocktail at Tranen is pretty gorgeous too !

An unforgettable place I've traveled? - Over 20 years ago - I spent the day climbing in the Las Alpujarras Mountains in the South of Spain to arrive at a very simple Buddhist community living high above the clouds - it was my first time to see prayer flags and Stupabuildings. I immediately loved the place and felt very much at ease - looking back over the past 20 years I see that this journey has influenced me in many ways and is definitely a place that I will not forget. 

A book I've read and learn't something from ? Over the holidays I read 'All of the light we cannot see' by Anthony Doerr - it is set during WWII - it made me think a lot about holding onto hope and the courage it takes to be able to do that... And of course the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron which was given to me by my best friend at the ripe age of 23 - all those moons ago !

Last music I've downloaded? I’ve just come back from a great family holiday in the West of Ireland - we planned to do a lot of driving - me at the wheel :) and so I made playlists of great 1990's pop classics for my children during the drive - Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer was a definite favorite -  for me - I downloaded The Wanderings of the Averer by The Averer - it is an awesome album to drive to.

If I didn’t live in Oslo? If I didn't live in Oslo - I would not have learnt all that I have over the past three years - moving to a new culture is a sure way to push yourself out of your comfort zone - so yes although there have been moments of doubt and a desire to go back to what is familiar - if I didn't live in Oslo I would not have had this opportunity to grow in the way that I have - so for the moment Oslo is where it is at!

Claire has been practising The Artist's Way for 15 years.  She brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned practitioner, and has been facilitating her Artist's Way 'Circle Group' sessions since 2010.

"I endeavour to create a safe, open, fun and non- judgemental space where respect for the individual is central to the group."

Claire is a graduate of sociology from Trinity College Dublin with a Masters in Community Development. Her MA included a study on Group Leadership and Group Dynamics, as well as Group Facilitation. Claire has been honing these skills professionally over the last 10 years. Before moving to Oslo in 2013, Claire worked in the development of the visual arts in Ireland. Over the last ten years both as a visual arts curator and as course mentor, Claire has worked with visual artists, writers, actors, designers, poets, dancers, film makers and gardeners, gaining much insight and experience of the creative process.

Claire moved from Ireland to Norway in late Summer 2013. In early 2014 Claire became the co founder of Irrgrønn Productions, a cultural production company based in Oslo, past projects include Oslo's first festival of contemporary Irish literature and the production of the inaugural handover ceremony for Oslo’s public art project Future Library. Current projects include Våryrsk, A Season of Irish Theatre in Oslo and Other Voices, Northern Lights, a music event taking place in Lofoten 2017.