Spirals - wood cut by Louise Bourgeois
Spirals - wood cut by Louise Bourgeois

What is The Artist's Way ? 

​Struggling to figure out “What do I really want to do with my Life?”

The good news: It’s never too late to come up with an answer.

The Artist’s Way 

The Artist’s Way revolves around the international best selling book of the same name written by Julia Cameron in the early 1990’s.

This course is as useful for programmers as it is for painters, and equally relevant to people in their 20s as it is for retirees – it is a life embracing, heartfelt, powerful course. 

The Artist’s Way is a 12-week program that assigns specific exercises and tasks on a weekly basis. Taking the course in a group setting facilitated by Claire McAree is a sure way to reap the full benefits – to see through the full 12 weeks and to keep motivated by showing up to the weekly sessions and sharing your experience with your fellow Artist Way crusaders. 

The Three Creativity Tools

Central to The Artist’s Way program are three basic creativity tools: a daily morning writing exercise (called Morning Pages), twice-weekly solo walks, a once-weekly solo outing to do something fun (called Artist Dates) 

Morning Pages are 3 handwritten pages you write on waking.

You can write about anything - the purpose of the exercise is to get the detritus of your brain out onto the page and gain clarity. 

There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages, Morning Pages are for your eyes only. Nobody else will read them.

Over time, as you write about your thoughts, feelings, joys and hopes, you’ll start uncovering patterns and gaining insights into your next steps. 

The magic of the pages is their ability to move you into constructive action – As all course participants have discovered it is next to impossible to complain about a situation morning after morning, page after page, without deciding to get into action. 

Artist Dates is a once-a-week solo outing to do something that interests or intrigues you. The only rule is that this is a date with yourself — so don’t invite anyone to join you - not even your Dog !

The point of the Artist Date is to recapture the wonder and excitement you had when you were young. When planning your adventures, Cameron says, think in terms of “mystery rather than mastery” and “beauty rather than duty.” 

By doing so, you’ll reconnect with what makes you happy, enjoy a heightened sense of autonomy and uncover new interests and second-act paths you might not have considered. 

Walks Twice a week, take a 20-minute walk by yourself — without a dog, friends or talking on your cell phone. The walks serve as an “exercise in receptivity” that will help clear your mind, quiet anxiety and stimulate creative thinking. You are likely to find yourself mulling over options and ideas that seem to appear out of nowhere – giving yourself the time to listen out for inspiration.

Weekly Meetings

For anyone who has tried to complete The Artist's Way on their own - you will understand that being part of a group offers invaluable support and renewed incentive to maintain a commitment to the programme.

Openness and trust are essential to the success of the weekly meetings. The meetings allow for space to listen and tell of how the course is going for us as individuals. My role as the facilitator is to guide the group and ensure that all discussion and sharing is appropriate, balanced, and beneficial to the group as a whole.


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